Making Soap

The soap we make is called cold process soap. Cold process soap is made by combining fat and lye. We use vegetable oils as our fat. Coconut, palm and olive oils are combined with lye and essential oils to make a great bar of soap. The natural glycerin is retained in handcrafted soap which means it's mild and less drying than commercial soaps. Our soap is free of detergents and hardeners.

First, oils are combined and a lye & water solution is made. Once the oil mixture and the lye mixture reach 90-125°F, they are combined. Next, the combined mixture is stirred until it reaches a cake batter or pudding-like consistency. Essential oils and botanicals (like calendula petals) are added, then the soap is poured into a mold. Next, it is set in a safe place to cool. The soap has to cool slowly to assure saponification, so it is insulated in the mold for 24 hours.

Once the soap has cooled, it is hand cut into bars then placed out to cure. It takes 4-6 weeks to fully cure.

Handcrafted soap should be stored in a cool, dry place. Once you start using it, it should be kept in a soap dish that drains well and that is not bombarded with water when you shower.

Learn more on our Ingredients page.

Lemongrass & calendula soap in the mold:

Lemongrass in the mold


Lemongrass & calendula soap curing on a rack:

Lemongrass soap cut into bars