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My addiction continues.
Testimonial By: Cheryl

My New Favorite Things

Recently I bought some Pepo Park Lavender soap and sugar scrub for a gift exchange. Due to a weird turn of events, I got my gift back. Boy was I lucky! The soap lathers really well and smells fabulous. I'm in love with the sugar scrub. It leaves my skin soft and smelling lovely. I can't wait to buy more and try out some of the other scents. They all smell great! I'm so happy that I discovered Pepo Park.
Testimonial By: Riley's Momma — Renton, WA

Overcoming selfish feelings

Pepo Park ROCKS! I almost kept the stuff I ordered for clients all to myself, but I managed to overcome such selfish feelings. Lemongrass soap... mmmmmmm.
Testimonial By: Cynthia — California

Lip balm

Oooooh, nice. Smooth. ~ people who try our lip balm
Testimonial By: Happy Customer — Washington

Farmer's Market

"You have to buy this." ~ One Farmer's Market customer to another, regarding the No More Rough Patches emollient salve she had purchased the week before
Testimonial By: Happy Customer — Washington